Is your husband really having an affair, or is she really just a friend?
Women will give as much mouth and attitude as they have, and they'll even borrow extra if they don’t think they have enough at the time.
Just Confess ladies. You have been intensely playing the role of the league commissioner of the CFL (the Crazy Female League). You have changed the relationship rules, sometimes on a daily basis

Dear Woman,
Why the hell are you focused on a few bread crumbs on the floor, when our marriage is falling apart? 
If someone is doing something that you do not like, simply stop rewarding it! Remember this; rewards do not always come as positive manifestations. 
If you're of the spiritual elite, live in the third heavens most of the day, you might want to stop here and just pray for the rest of us...

He knows she is not what he needs right now, but what defense does he have when a stolen cookie is the only nourishment he has to feed his appetite for affection?

Dear Woman,
I’ve said in the past that I learn much about being an adult male, not from other men in my life, but from my six-year-old son
Dear Woman, Does the man you love seem to put more of his attention into his games than he does your relationship?
Dear Woman, I want the power, but I will not say I want to dominate. The truth is, there is character defect in both sexes.
Most of us have been raised by single mothers, or by fathers who didn’t have the answers to the questions that we had.
For most of us, the battle with our identity has to be one of the most difficult to overcome.
So many times the emphasis on power, money and sex, always seem to hit the Top Ten issues that men have.
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