Dear Woman, I just realized something... In Genesis, after everything that God created, He said it was good, except for one thing. He created man, after His likeness and in His own image. He said that it was not good, that man should be alone. If I am honest about it, men are just little boys in grown up bodies, who need to be taught how to live and enjoy life. I need someone to help watch my back and look after me. I NEED YOU, to COMPLETE ME.
Dear Woman, In the financial world there is something called "the rule of 72". Ladies let me assure you, that if your husband is beginning to act a little funny, forgetting easy things, becoming less creative and can't seem to get it together... Check Your Calendar! If it has been more than 72 hours since you've "been a blessing to him", you need to take some advice from Teddy P. and close the door, and then turn off the lights.

Dear Woman,
Does the man you love seem to put more of his attention into his games than he does your relationship? His games have rules that don't change,... yours change every day.
Sometimes we want the prizes of leadership, but not the pressures that come with the responsibilities...
Dear Woman, ... by the way... I apologize for not taking out the trash. In my defense, the bag was not full yet, but I understand it's still important to you, so please forgive me.
Dear Woman, don't expect me to think like you and see things the way you do. I'm not wired the same as you. We were created differently for a reason.
Married sex is not only for holidays but for everyday. Don't hold out to give it up on a certain special occasion, but bless him just because it's TODAY.